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Little Nieve an inspiration for Twin Hats and Cancer Hair Care

December 15, 2015

Little Nieve was an inspiration to make specialist hats for children with hair loss due to cancer treatment. Thanks to your support buying hats we can supply many children like Nieve with the free hats they need. Pictured here is little Nieve with her mum at my first children's hospital clinic at The Lister Hospital Stevenage.

Nieve's mum contacted me to say that she was desperate for hats that wouldn't slip off her daughters head. She also wanted Nieve to be able to put on her own hats. My mum and I set to a task to develop a hat that would be soft, cover hair loss and be able to have added hair pieces attached. I made Nieve some hair into little plats that she could fix onto the hat with velcro. 

Her mum called me and said" Oh Jasmin thank you so much for helping Nieve, today in the super market a lady stoped Nieve and said ...Dear haven't you got beautiful hair...the lady had no idea that Nieve had no hair underneath her scarf-hat and that the hair was fake.

Thanks to a nurse Julie Johnson and her team who had a vision to bring a hair care specialist directly to their patients. We now run hair loss clinics at The Royal Marsden Hospital, UCLH and within Teenage Cancer Trust units and events across the UK. Plesae support a child today. BUY one hat GIFT one free this Christmas.

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