These hats are helping others and healing me

Meet Sally, a woman on a mission to help kids with cancer

“I know first had how hard it is to deal with hair loss. One of the things that got me through my hair loss and cancer treatment was the thought that I would support others. I'm thrilled to bits that I've sold over £600 worth of Twin Hats and in turn will give 40 specialist hats for hair loss to kids with cancer.

Cancer Hair Care is an amaizing charity, I first came across them when feeling lonely and isolated with my hair loss and treatment. It was a strange feeling as a hairdresser to feel out of place with my hair care. I tried the scalp cooling, a treatment to help reduce hair loss, but it just didn't work for me. Then someone told me about this charity and I went along to one of their pamper mornings.

Suddenly I was in a room filled with ladies like me who were whipping their wigs of, showing each other their new hair growth and being supported by Jasmin and her team. They couldn't get rid of me! I came back regularly for support. Once I had finished treatment I asked Jasmin if I could train to help, she said “no time like the present, get your apron on and start your training now!”  

Now several years after treatment, I am a specialist hairdresser for the charity. I offer hair and wig cuts, scarf and hat sessions, head shaves and new hair growth haircuts and bundles of support for others. When I went along to my first children's cancer hair loss support event I found it tough. But these young teenagers facing hair loss and cancer treatment showed me how a hat, a chat and meeting me, someone who had been there and now had long hair back is all part of a healing process. These hats are helping others and healing me”. Sally White looking fantastic with her long blonde hair after hair loss and cancer treatment.

Thank you to Sally for all of her support, thank you also to YOU if you bought a Twin hat from Sally.

Twin Giver Jasmin Julia Gupta
Twin Giver Jasmin Julia Gupta


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