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About Us


Buy one, help gift one to a child with cancer

Our mission is sweet and simple. We are a social project designed to wholeheartedly support,  serve and give. Hats and headwear are our thing. Our giving mission is - Buy one, help gift one to a child with cancer and hair loss.

Our service is to sell hats for everyone. As well as a range of fantastic everyday hats such as our fairly traded hand knitted Woolly Hats, we also have a Hair Loss Collection of hats & scarves suitable for alopecia and chemotherapy wearers. At Twin Hats everyone is welcome.

Our Twin Hats Charity Promise means that we don’t keep all the profits under our hat we donate a generous percentage to the charity I founded, Cancer Hair Care.  This means that for every purchase you make TWIN HATS gives a donation to charity Cancer Hair Care that helps to gift a hat to a child or a young person with cancer and alopecia. Helping to provide hats, specialist scarves and headwear to offer comfort and confidence during hair loss. We also donate to children with non cancer related alopecia that need a helping hand.

Why give FREE hats to children & young people during cancer treatment

Children and young people with cancer are not only facing life challenging decisions but also financial hardship. I meet so many parents that can barely afford both the time and finance to visit their sick child every day in hospital.

A FREE specialist hat for their child, designed to cover hair loss, delivered to their child’s bedside can offer such comfort at a time of great need. This is why I set up TWIN HATS, so that my charity Cancer Hair Care could  finance the huge amount of hats needed by cancer units around the UK.

Thank you so much for buying from TWIN HATS we hope you agree that two heads are better than one”. Jasmin Julia Gupta - Founder Twin Hats & Charity Cancer Hair Care

For hair loss, wig and new growth video tutorials, inspiration and ideas please visit my YouTube channel: Jasmin’s Hair Share

For support with hair loss relating to cancer treatments please visit the charity I founded